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Abharika Maangtika

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What a diadem is to a queen, is the Abharika Maantika to the lady that dons it.

Define the way you look by wearing this utterly precious piece of jewellery that gets the privilege of sitting right at the middle of the head but does enough to deserve that position.

The design of this beautiful maangtika would suit all hairstyles and face shapes, giving it an edge over any other maangtika. So forget the hassle of changing different hairstyles to suit your jewellery and let the jewellery choose to suit the way you look.

What’s even more special is that it doesn’t come out as an addition, but blends perfectly as a part of the look. Traditional and Indian in every single way, you can choose this maangtika for a wedding ceremony or any festival that requires some of that Indian robes.